Expected Results

During the ZEROGWP project, we expect to reach a number of achievements such as:

  • To define the optimized design of the DD-AC R290 system configuration (using only 138 g of R290) and industrialize its production.

    The manufacturing process will be also optimized; our ambition is to achieve a target price (on retail) of 850 euro/pcs which will make the product appealing to customers. The goal is to prove full safety of flammable R290 both in the DD-AC use and in its production.

  • To demonstrate, through a wide testing campaign, the product technical performance and its superior environmental performance.

    During ZEROGWP about 60 machines will be installed and tested in Italy, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  • To prepare a Business Plan for product industrialization and commercial exploitation of this new Air Conditioner

    The aim is proving that that the product is good for environment and good for business as well. After 3 years from
    the end of this project, INNOVA plans to sale 30.000 units/year for a total turnover of about 25.5 million Euro. The exploitation of ZEROGWP project will allow to create 176 direct job places until 2023.

  • To help filling the gaps in the regulatory scenario

    by providing tangible results to local and EU policy makers on safety and performances of DD-AC systems containing very low GWP flammable hydrocarbon refrigerant instead of conventional HFC.