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Innova was born in 2004 and it has always been active in the renewable energy sector, developing advanced systems for climate comfort and Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC). INNOVA, coordinator of the GWPZERO project, has devised and realized a new way of understanding air conditioning without an external unit and with natural refrigerant overcoming the state of the art of existing monobloc technology. In the project, the company intends to develop this technology, demonstrate its performance and realize industrial scale-up in view of the subsequent commercial exploitation.

IVAR CS spol. S r . acts as a representative of the commercial and technical representative of various European companies in water, heating, gas, water filtration and treatment, pumping equipment, solar systems and heat pumps, storage tanks, fan coils and air conditioning systems. In this project IVAR CS will collaborate in demonstrating the ZEROGWP technology through a wide number of field-test installations.

Studio Fieschi & soci is a small enterprise that provides international technical and management consultancy in the environment and sustainability sectors. The company is notably active in the fields of life cycle and sustainability assessment, industrial ecology, corporate social responsibility and product environmental communication. Studio Fieschi has been frequently cooperating with the Commission (DG Environment and JRC) through service contracts on Life Cycle Costing, Life Cycle Assessment as well as Product and Organisation Environmental Footprinting.

The University of Padova was founded in 1222 and comprises 13 Schools (Medicine, Engineering, Law, etc.). the Department of Management and Technology is involved in the project with a group of teachers and researchers devotes the research activities to thermodynamics, heat transfer, refrigeration technology, heat pumps, air conditioning, thermodynamic properties of refrigerants, nanofluids, applied acoustics.